Saturday, October 24, 2015

The dreams of seeing the tiger

When I was a little kid back at home, I could hear the distant growling of tigers from other side of river. My dad would be so worried about our cattle.
First thing in evening we would be counting the numbers of cows. If one is missing we would presume that it was under the claws of tigers.
The wild beast did killed beautiful calf of aged Merkey. And all it left behind was pool of blood and huge club shaped foots prints.
I always wanted to see how this breast look like.
Well I had a chance here in New Zealand. It's was not the one that killed my lovely calf but the same kind in park. The giant beast. 
Long journey.. my friends checking pressures of bike
The park was some 18km from where we live at Christchurch. It was called Orana wild life park. It was fun biking with friends. Unlike Bhutan it's spring season here in new Zealand,  hence we were greeted with variety of flowers, the lush green meadows and huge pine tree trees touching the sky along the highway.

Half way through, almost tired.
The high way


The giant wild beast prowling 


Flightless bird like an ostrich from africa Emmu.
Little one again

The year my dad was born.
Thank you Ugyen Namgyal sir for your time and and taking us there. Without you we may not have been there. Thank you for every thing sir.

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