Friday, August 14, 2015

The irony of 1 vehicles for ever 10 person in Bhutan.

More cars hit Bhutan’s road despite measures to curb import vehicles was what BBS had reported two days back. I was just wondering what have government done to curb the imports of vehicles other than imposing sky rocking taxes.

In Bhutan forget about bicycle tracks, we don’t even have proper pedestrian footpaths. We have roads and highways with zebra crossings that are hardly used and least respected.

One way to curb the imports of vehicles is to improve the public transports. That is least bothered. Instead they revise the taxi and bus fares. Revisions are necessary, but I am sure it will just make the fares worst.  In the name of revision people will have to bear the blunt of increasing fares by many folds.

A good example of public transport can be seen through Paro Thimphu bus service. Despite hugh number of people plying between Thimphu and Paro, only two buses operates dialy. In the name of monopoly, half a time the counters are found closed, and when opened all tickets will be exhausted.

I just can’t think of the bus timing. The departure time is set at 9 am. If you have official work in Thimphu the only way to travel is taxi or private vehicles.

Unless the government considers the public transportation system improvement,  imposing taxes will not deter Bhutanese from buying cars.

And in a country where there is one vehicle to every ten person, it’s shame that the only successful company at IT PARK in Thimphu SCANCAFE is planning to stop recruiting Bhutanese because of transportation problem. I am really shocked, that this government is working so hard to bring down the unemployment problems as low as possible but can’t arrange the transportation.

I am hoping that the government of the day is not forgetting the employment opportunities at homes in looking for prospects to send Bhutanese overseas.

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