Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 WAS MY MINE:::

2013 begins with the final semester in National Institute of Technology, the institute of national importance in India at Silchar Assam. The road was bumpy yet exciting for I was at the verge of completing my degree course. “In six month I will be leaving the college with the degree certificates in hand as a grown up man” was my Facebook update on January first 2013.  With average and satisfying marks I did completed my courses. I was happy then for successful completion of my course in B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Semester ended with grand festive mood, with honor of having the world respected scientist, great inspirational leader and administrator Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam as the chief guest for the convocation. Gripping the degree certificates in hand hard and listening inspirational speech of the 82 year old former president was the most cherishing moment in life.

I have lost the lifelong friends then. The time stuck and I had to bounce back to Bhutan. I had many friends from Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Afghanistan and many from India too. I had a friend more like a brother who helped me during the good and bad times, Lahiru Prasad Gunathunga from Lanka. As I got into Auto Taxi, I had mixed feeling that what if I never meet my good friend again. I was scared to leave him back. I will visit Lanka one day with my families was only what I told him and left. I bid good bye praying we could meet at least once in my life.


By Mid May I was in Thimphu, flipping every page of every newspaper, rolling the eyeballs looking for so called Vacancies in advertisement column. Time swift faster than I realized, the RCSC exam was knocking the door. I strive hard burning the mid night oil. In the warm morning of August I sat for RCSC Prelim at Motithang Higher Secondary School. My hard work paid off, I got through the Prelim securing 78. I was happy but before that I made up my mind that I won't sit for main exam if I get employed in any corporations.

I applied for four companies: Huawei, BPC, BBS and DRUKAIR Corporation Ltd. I did pretty well in all written exams and was called for final interview for all the companies except that of Huawei Technologies. I had hard choices to make. I had hard times making decision. Decision making was so tough given the opportunity in three reputed companies in Bhutan. I spent sleepless night brooding over where to join. And of these three companies Drukair was the first one to call for interview. Pheww on 15th August, coinciding with my Birth day I got the call saying I was selected. I was thrilled, shocked and happy for I got selected on my first ever interview that too on my birth day. “With Drukair my fate is sealed” was my status in my facebook that evening.I celebrated my birth day with joy in the heart for life long achievements. I have scaled the mountain and there was two other people who were happier than me, my mom and dad who had been wishing to hear long long time back. Very next day I was called for interview from BPC and BBS, both I denied.

Its four month now in Drukair. I took the most challenging job. Most days it starts from 5am and ends my day at 6pm with no government holidays. In freezing cold and scorching sun is my office. But It keeps me occupied, giving me a flat form to learn and learn more about the aircraft. The promise of having a good future is what it keeps me moving. I promised to serve well wherever I get placed, and here I do with all my hearts trying to be as good as possible.

Now the unscaled 2014 is waiting ahead, and I had been hardworking and sincere in all my school and college days. If there is one resolution to make for brand New Year it would be my sincerity and hardwork that I will put in for my work and to help my parents with all my hearts.

I pray that 2014 be as good as those good years for everyone. 


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