Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thank you dear

I was sleeping soundly, it was perfect time. Outside the cool breezes were filtering through the paddy fields along Paa Chu, the summer rain were hammering on painted roof above me. It was dark outside completely dark. I went to bed wishing every loved ones good night.  I went to bed tired of days work. And I knew I will have perfect sleep tonight.

Midnight, exactly at 12 am, something broke the silence. Half woken up, I found that it was my phone, ringing in full volume. There was echo from four corners of the wall. Bewildered, I fumbled my fingers to reach to phone; alas I found it in dark. The named by “Darling” was flashing on my aged phone.
I was scared; no one will call at this time of the night. Its only one thing, something went wrong. I was worried. These drive my snoring sleep beyond Chelela, the mighty pass at a flash.

I received, and there came her voice hysterically, “hey you slept darling?” she was perfectly normal but I became abnormal, what the hell. What kind of question is this? Its midnight dear, I answered. I don’t know how I answered but I did. I guess I was shouting at her. I guess I disturbed my neighbor next to me.
“HAPPY BIRTH DAY Darling” was next. Oh sorry I am. My face blushed. What date is today, oh yes it is, August 15, 2014. It’s my birthday. A day I have forgotten totally.

And with this date, I am one year older. I have made my ways one year beyond. And I am one year closer to Death. I am grown up by one year. Today it's one year since I haven’t met my darling and my parents who are toiling in far flung village in East.

I don’t celebrate my birth days. In college days I celebrated once. That day was the first and last. From that, I had a hard time hiding my birth date from facebook page. And it was hidden all time. It was hidden to save my back from finger prints of my friends. In college days you know how hard it is to celebrate birthdays… your backbone will break or whole body will be covered with cake.

Thank you dear for reminding me. You did remind me of how old I am. You remind me to be good. You remind me to reminisce the past good and bad. You remind me to move forward with same spirit and cover one more years and next. You remind me to pray. You reminded me that life is rolling on to the end.  
After long talk, I got message,
Time will always fly away, but our love will never dry. Keep in touch and remember me dear. The past is gone but the best is yet to come. Yes there is another day but this time this day is one of the best in the year. If you have forgotten, it’s your birthday and I can’t be there to celebrate. But I will do my part in sending my best wishes and little prayers. “HAPPY BIRTH DAY DEAR”.  Happy birthday to most important person of my life. We shall share the world of happiness and joy together and forever. I hope all your birth day wishes comes true. May you have great time today and finds happiness in whatever you do. May your dreams come true, may you stay forever young.
Yours undying love, yeshi.

I woke up; I lit the butter lamp, offered little prayers and headed to office.
In office another my good friend had a message, Lahiru from Lanka had message in inbox, thanks for you two remembered while I couldn’t
“Are Bhutan Monkey Today is your B'day Right? Drinking tonight? hahahaha.. May you live a long life mate!!! And your wife too.. “
It’s raining and gloomy here in Paro. Good day to all…..

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