Thursday, February 27, 2014


The place where present Buddha resides, to the place where his eminence Buli Trulku’s followers lives, to the place where majestic Zangdok Pelri stands to its glory, where glamorous Dolma Lhakhang stands and to the place where innocent villagers, honest men and women, as straight as an arrow lives, her royal highness the Gyalyum had  visited.

Zangdok Pelri over looking Tshothang Village.

The visiting of her Royal Highness, Gyalyum Azhi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuk to remote village of Shingkhar Lauri particularly to Zangthi Tshothang mark another landmark in history, and her visit to villages would engrave in the hearts our people forever. 
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For many it’s a dream to have audience, and for others it’s a blessing. In such remoteness it’s so rare even to see the Government official except for few teachers. I can’t imagine what might went through their hearts to have audience with her royal  highness. I could see the flowering tears of joys in the eyes village folks.

At Zangdok Pelri, the Tshampa’s and monks performed the mask dances like Drametse Ngacham, local songs and famous Achi Lhamoi cham with great religious fervor. With buoyant and spirited mood the villagers watched the mask dances inside the ZangdokPelri together with her royal highness.

Her majesty, the Gyalyum made a huge donation for the welfare of nuns who are residing at Dolma Lhakhang at Buli Truelku’s residence and to hundreds of Tshampa’s and Gelongs at Tshothang. 

Gyalyum had visited just at a time when the villages are transforming, Decade old snail pace road which is still on the way the Gewog is making good progress and the delayed and known for postponement, the rural electrification works are in still progress.

After spending two nights at icy cold Tshothang, she bid farewell, for Patnazang and yesterday she headed to LarJab.

We know the conditions back there, the long narrow bumpy roads with potholes in broken roads from Jomotshangkha. Tedious and painstaking hours and hours of walk on jagged stumps of tree’s and gravel from Debtshang, and still her majesty made way to Zangthi for her loyal subjects.  For that we the villagers are grateful and deeply moved by your kindness.

With this with all our hearts, we the Shingkharlauripa’s would like to wish her majesty the Gyalyum for long and prosperous life ahead and take this opportunity to thank her majesty for your kind visit and blessing.  

Long live your majesties.
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