Saturday, June 14, 2014

Root Cause of our aversion

Sangay from Thimphu had the Question in kuensel K2 '' i graduated class 12 and have been looking for work, but can only find kitchen jobs or work as a waiter. what should i do" to this venerable Lama Shenphen Zangpo had a thought provoking story of a fox with a skin diseases.

"There was a fox with a skin disease. whenever this fox tried to rest, his skin would itch and drive him crazy. not realizing that the source of discomfort was his own body, he always blamed his environment.

when he lay under the tree, he would blame the shade for his pain and so he would move into a sunny place. again his skin would itch and he would get angry at sun. he even tried resting in a cool stream, but the irritation continued and would blame the water.

he spent his entire life like this, never discovering the actual source of his discomfort and so never finding peace".

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