Sunday, May 18, 2014

I wish i could reply

Dear brother,
I hope this letter finds you best in health and happy. Here we are fine. We have started our plantations. Our fields are green and breathtaking, young shoots of potatoes and the maize siblings are struggling to crack the hardened earth crust to take fresh breath.
                                               Brother, we are happy for your hard work repaid. You have worked hard and you earned it. I wish to fly into that plane in which you say, you do maintenance work as an engineer, but I never can. Can I?
Here at home life has become comparatively easy than you were here as primary student. living standard has improved a lot. We no longer take boiled potatoes and “Bogpee” for lunch. We no longer walk for days and days to take a kilogram of salt from Indian plain.

But things puzzled me Kota. People around us says, since we live in remote place we will be getting 100 units of free electricity. People in other part of country say they enjoy the benefits. Kota I don’t know what is that 100 unit of free electricity and I also don’t know when will our dark soothed rooms will be lighted. Kota the electric pole standing in front of our home seems rusting and it still naked.

Kota when I was young, we had to walk four days to and fro to reach at Jomotshangkha. Now the road is coming near and nearer. I haven’t seen the vehicle even in my twenties and now it is travelling nearer to greet me. We are happy that government is working hard on it. Looking at past, I feel we will have roads to our home too. Some say Gewog center is a dead end but others says within this governments term will have a roads in Chiwogs. I am an uneducated farmer and I don’t know. Is it possible that we will have road at zangthi?

Kota, my son Sonam is in class seven, and he is studying at Minjiwoong Lower Secondary School. I had tough time gathering financial resources for him. And next year he will have to go to Martshalla or Orong. I am worried. i have started carrying sands for construction at Zangthi BHU from river bank but I am not sure the contractors will pay me my wages. Even if he pays I am not sure whether I can accumulate enough for Sonam. Education is free, but I want you to know it’s really difficult for me. Why can’t we have middle and higher secondary school in our region? Given the location and population Minjiwoong is a perfect place. Isn’t it possible Kota? More than financial matters I don’t want to send my only son through strike ridden Assam.

I was also informed about Jomori hydropower project thing. Is it true? I really wish we have have the power plant.  I along with people of our village we will pray for it. Hydropower wow, looks like mysteries coming in wonderland of ours.

Kota thank you for your time. Hope I didn’t bored you. Take care and be a good person as you always do.You are staying in Paro, and I had dreamt of visiting Taktshang once. Hope you will help me to fulfill my dreams.Please reply me dzongkha. 

yours Brother



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