Sunday, October 25, 2015

Early Deepavali in Christchurch

There was sparkling lights dazzling in huge auditorium here at Christchurch.  Ten's of thousands were gathered to mark the day. The day of lights and the day of dance.  It's Deepavali festivals. Festival of Lord Rama and his wife sita''s return from exile.
I was in India for four years. I have joined the flocks in celebrating every year. Oh yeah those deafening firecrackers, the lamps and candles that decorated all college campus I can still remember vividly.
Offering of fruits and snacks

 Deepavali five years ago
And 2015 some how I have landed here in new Zealand. Thousands of miles away from home and India. the lights and celebration had also travelled this far. Celebration is grandeur than I  expected. I had seen real India with songs from all part of diverse India.  Frankly I haven't seen as much in my four year stay in college.
Horncastle area Christchurch 

Dancing to the beat of hindi songs

Little treat... hmm
The last festival I celebrated was three years ago. And I can't imagine how time flies. This celebration only told me one thing, I am growing older now.

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