Thursday, May 1, 2014


Dear Yeshi Lhamo.
Ever since I was placed in Paro, and even before that you had been trying for the transfer. Many including the management team in your office gave bounty of hopes for it. You were happy by then. There were possibilities.
But some dreams are far from our reach. We can never get hold of it. We never have what we pine for. And that’s your case.  You must be tired of calling and writing application requesting for transfer. Even I wrote to your manager and HR asking for your transfer several times but the beacon of the response is too weak. We tried hard but luck ran out before you had your hopes. My heart broke to hear that you were never meant for getting transfer. Even I don’t believe that you will get transfer but only time will tell the whole story.

I need a companion. I live alone in a big spacious room in heart of town. The room’s are wide and empty but just like my heart, empty and void. The nature of my work is I hardly eat three meals at home. I am now early riser, every day I wake up at 4:30 am and I have to be in office by 5.00 am. And I return home late night around 8 pm. Tired and weak. I go to sleep empty stomach most times and I only wish you were here with me, so that I can have warm fresh dinner ready to be serve when I reach home.

No life isn’t perfect, worst thing happens no matter how hard you try to avoid it. And that’s the ground truth that is hard to digest.  May be the life is testing our patience. I don’t want to call you at times. I call you to know if you are fine and the answer I get from your end is weak shaky voice mixed with tears. And frankly I am tired of calling too.

We share our love and care through phone. And to me I feel that I am married to my dusty phone not you.

We live far, very far indeed. You live in extreme east in Orong under samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag. When we were married we are married to live together, but the truth brought us here, to have a distant marriage.  It has been long that I haven’t seen you.  Given the distance and the time, it’s sad that we cannot even meet once a year.

Distance relationship doesn’t last long is what you have been reminding me time and again. I know that but I really don’t want you to resign. Recently I overheard a conversion in the bus “if you spit from top of the building in Thimphu, surely it will fall on one of the graduate”. I was shocked; its exaggeration but there is bitter truth in it. There is a cut throat competition in already saturated job market. And if you resign there is a slimmer chance that you will be employed again
I am hanging on, not knowing where to jump.  If you resign, it would be great loss to your parents and yourself. Your qualification and dedication you put into your education will be drain to waste.  And if we stay like this for long the very word ‘marriage is defeating’. I don’t know but I am hanging not knowing where to jump.

I wish your manager could transfer you here.  I know how much you are suffering there.  Having said this we also should know that there are lots people who are living like us, wishing for the transfer. Let’s pray for one and all those who are living away from their loved one, so that they can be together smiling for life time.  Hope your manager will understand and transfer you here. We will wait little longer. Where there is future there is hope and in the high way of that future hope nothing will happen. Hope for best and do take care.  I shall love you as I always do.

Your s loving husband
Namgang Chejey,

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