Sunday, July 26, 2015

Shingkhar lauri connected with electricity!!!!

On 23rd July,  like any other days I was browsing Internet and running through various posts in Facebook. it was different treat that day. There was breaking news from my village. The HA of our village had posted saying that the electricity was released partly in my village. My heart stopped pumping blood for a while and in the state of shock I screamed “YESSS”. The dream of having electricity was longing so long. It was in 2011, by then I was in college, that the government promised and displayed the banner saying “electricity for all by 2013”.
Despite located in difficult terrains, no motorable roads it was indeed a herculean task. Yet you did worked hard, the government, BPC, Contractors and our parents and specifically our elected members. Sincerely Hats off for you all. 
Since as carrying huge poles, backbreaking indeed, without motorable roads 2011. 

Zangthi tshothang.... beautiful..... with poles standing..

When the world is at race in field of technologies, when our sons and daughter cannot live without opening Facebook and watching movies, our brave parents did survive in the world of I call “darkness”. They are brave and I salute you my dear parents back at home. You all made it to the end to see our homes lighted. 
source: google
To my fellow villagemates:

Let’s talk little about other sides of coin. As a little kid, though we haven’t seen and knew what was electricity, when our teacher ask us: which city is the dangerous city in world, we could manage to say electricity. The answer was right. Danger. Our homes back there, are usually made of woods. And there are so many mysterious stories regarding fire and electricity. 
Another thing is the electrical safety. It becomes our responsible to teach them the do’s and don’ts of electricity. It could be as basic as switching on lights with wet hands.  Please do advice regarding this if you think you are responsible. Better safe than sorry. 
I am planning to buy all electrical appliances for my parents to commemorate the first lighting of my home. Are you planning anything of kind.
Thanks for reading, and let’s not forget to thank all who involved in realizing this ‘the once distant dream!’.

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