Sunday, July 19, 2015

Have you ever thought of saving even Nu. 100 a month?

How good are we in saving money. Many don’t know the value of saving money at all. We are Bhutanese. We always like the fancy things. We always wanted the posh  cars and palatial home to live. And on that we lose our inner core values.

Many of us are rich only on pay days and become broke mid way through the month.
We borrow money from good friends many times. You become habit of borrowing. I saw their relationship stained due to this because old habit die hard. Money is a bad ingredients in the  bonds of friendship.

I for one have respect for the money that I posses. I have learned the value of savings right from beginning of my schooling. I was bought up caring that hundred ngultrum note that my dad gave me when school starts in mid February  so that I could spend on bus fare while going back home in winter break in coming December.

Right from beginning of my employment, I saved little. Before my bank account debited with my pay, I would have already calculated my expenses and saving. It’s hard to save on saving account, so I had one recurring account with BOB. I also opened another account with BNB. Truth be told, I never applied for atm cards for BNB account. I just didn’t want to withdraw any time with Atm machines installed every where. It was for my emergency use.

It does miracles in the end. We cannot see the future. We don’t know what’s in store of us in coming days. I always wanted to be prepared. This preparedness I do by little saving no matter even if it’s hundred ngultrum a month.

In 2014 my mom was bed ridden with sickness. She was referred from remote village in east to national referral hospital. As I told you it did miracle. If I haven’t done this in advanced I would been in great financial problem.
I have met many friends who just rush in end. If you are lucky, someone let you borrow, but what if not.
Why to be sorry? Go on, it’s never late to save.

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