Sunday, December 8, 2013

We Are Two Forms In One....

*this article is written my youngest brother who is living with me for his winter break, who had to be at Khaling Muenselling school and now he has just completed class nine in JIGSHER*

There is no point to blame either parents or gods for what we are since it is granted by our own karma (The Law of Life). In the first case it is not our wish to become and on other hand it might not be the almighty’s wish to punish us with limited eyesight.

 We are also part of mankind in this very existence with same thought for the possibilities. Only an extraordinary man realized what we feel and what we expect from others. We feel totally exhausted and enervated, when somebody blames us with countless discourteous words like “He is disabled”. We feel naturally down and the flock of our friends are unnecessarily dragged into the deeper darkness of the unhappiness where there is no adjective to describe it. At the end of the day, when I go to sleep I often wonder why the people of the world treat us as thoughtless, speechless and senseless when we are as capable as others.

But we are very lucky to have innumerable people who have possessed great sympathy upon us. We have been able to stand on this sophisticated world with their noble support starting from the royal families and his majesty the great king.

The memory of my visually impaired friends evokes and flashes in my memory page vividly and involuntarily. My life in Khaling, is the most fantastic days I could have ever experienced and the same things will not be granted by god henceforth. The days were always full of sirens of laughter from every four corners of the room.  Sometimes we bumped, clashed and stumble. These things happen habitually therefore we are accustomed for clashing each other. It had become botherless things in the eyes of visually impaired friend’s to get irritated when we collide with each other.

Everyman is born with its talent, this very line I wouldn’t have realized if I was not enrolled in NIVI (National Institute for the Visually Impaired) in Khaling.  Indeed a man is born with intact talents for the purpose of living. These goes well with our Dzongkha proverb. “Key lug rey la zaa lug rey”.  We were five in total in class in 2009 when I joined the school. In the field of music to my surprise my fellow friends who were completely blind could catch up more easily than me. And today my friends have started playing guitar and yangchen so well. They are known for their songs in Bhutan.

I was so lucky that I could help my friends out there who were totally blind. I got opportunity to guide them and teach them as well at times. I lived among this young faces that had lost the sight of beauty of the world but no wonder they roll on the tunes of their life as we do.

To almighty the god, I pray thee; let every man born be gifted with eyesight to taste the sight of wonders of the beautiful world. Every day I thank you for my gifted eye sight. Please bless me with the same till the end of the journey of my life.

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