Saturday, July 11, 2015


Dad on the way to Diafam: 4days walk...

Winter of 2010

He is the man behind my success story. He was poor. He had no money. But he had his courage. He had his dreams. The dreams of his children’s education. He lived the life of sacrifice for his son and left no stone unturned.
Completed three years of retreat before I graduate. 

He had four son. And his state of poorness didn’t deter him from sending his child to school. He worked day in and day out. He carried the back breaking loads for his son's school expenditure. His brow is now wrinkled  with million drop of sweat.
During my departure from home to schools he never cried but he had volumes of hidden tears behind eyes at the verge of bursting.  He not only loses his son to school but also his valued cows. Every year he sold our best cows for me and my brothers expenditure. Winter break was toughest of the days for him. By the time I graduated from Indian college the number of cows drop from around 14 to none. Yeah it’s sad but that was the only way we had.

To let you know, I did what I could do to be a responsible son. I did studied hard, really hard indeed. The hard earned money you gave me, I never used lavishly, indeed I lived the days with calculation, so that when next vacation starts I will be home without asking from you.

Every child have their own untold stories. I just wanted to share this and thank you my dad from bottom of my heart.

Dad here on I will share your burden for my younger brothers. You don’t have to worry much now. You have done enough moulding me to a responsible person.

I know you have dedicated your whole life to education but sadly it’s only you who can’t read what I wanted to convey here. I am sad for this. You gave us the eyes to outside world and you had to live in darkness. Thank you so much dad for your support.
We wish you have the long and happy life ahead. Love you Appa.
Tshothang village, shingkhar Lauri. ..

Poor herein I refer in terms monetary values. Being born in remote village of shingkhar Lauri, where there is no electricity and road, the flow of cash was so scarced. Otherwise we were rich in subsistence farming.

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