Monday, September 1, 2014


Spend the youthful days preparing for future, thinking of lucrative and comfortable job. Today you have one that you dreamed a decade ago. And when you have fulfilled the wishes and dreams, you have another dream already and projected in the vast skies. A dream to buy a luxuries car, a dream to live in spacious room in one of the tallest building in town and the count goes on.

 When you dreamt decade ago, it was to have attractive job, so that you could help your parents.  Your parents spend so much and groomed you to be one who you are today.  Some of us are fortunate enough to be born to families who have everything, and others had to find our own way. 
Mom and dad did found my way. There was little at home and they sacrificed for me. They skipped the meals to fill my tummy, they went on with bare foot so that I can have shoes to go to school, they would wear those rags so that, little they saved in a year would  paid as admission fee for my education. For seventeen years of my schooling and college life I robbed them, I became the daylight robbery and that I cannot repay back in my life time. I took shamelessly the hard earned money of my parents.
My mom: busy separating husk from rice grain

My dad: with his Mathang.
In school day during summer and winter break, i had two hard choices to make, one to stay in school itself other to be at home.  Literary I had no other place to go. Every vacation in school, every semester in collage I went home. I went home to bully them; I went home to take away everything.

Now its one year that I am in service. And looking back, last I went home was after my final semester. It was in transition period, a young graduate ready to join the world of work. I went home to take my last share from them. I got my share, I got the job and I could never go back to home again.

But my story didn't end here. Those days I went home for I had nowhere to go. Now my parents have somewhere they could visit.  I had been requesting them to come and visit me here in Paro. But they never would, they have cattle’s to feed, they have acres of maize plants to save from menacing monkeys and wild boars and somewhere some construction is going on and reasons flows on and they never have time like I had in schooling days. 

I always wanted to show them that the Buildings of Thimphu never touched the sky and the huge metallic bird flies above cloud for real from Paro Airport. But they were adamant.

But today my mom and dad are coming to Thimphu. But my little heart hurts.  Its pricked my heart so much that they are coming but not the way I wanted. They are coming because my mom is so sick. She fought the sickness so hard, she took medicines. She had visited hospitals and BHU’s. She hoped she would be fine but only time knew that her health was deteriorating and need to travel as far as Thimphu for check up.

Proud mama of four son.

All I could do now is fold my hands and pray for their safe journey and quick recovery. There is long way to cover. Sadly there is no bus service in neglected Dungkhag  Jomotshangkha, hope frequent strike in strike ridden Assam and Bengal won’t pull back my mom who is so much in pain.

Love you mama, just come safe, please come fast I can’t wait a minute to see you….. I am waiting for you dear…………

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