Sunday, September 21, 2014


He could have never crossed Phuntsholing gate whatsoever. But he was forced to cross. With mom sick and weak he was forced to travel to Thimphu hospital and to Paro with me. It’s the longest tour he made in his life time. He had now seen the tallest building in Thimphu, and majestic monastery clinging on the cliff at Taktshang.

My dad in his 53rd years he had never been to anywhere. He made rounds and rounds in circumference of the village but never had the chance to travel beyond.

I thought he could rest here with me for a while. I thought I will keep them with me as long as they like to stay with me. I promised them to stay.

Seven days and the time ran out. The more he stays the more he became restless. In a day he would walk where ever his leg would carry. He made round and round around Paro airport.

Back there at home, no one is there to guard the home. The pet puppy that would stay obediently on master’s call might be wandering hunting for foods for there is no one to feed him. The crops are left unattended. Horses and cattle’s are left to few neighbors to take care of. And every day there is strings of calls from neighbors, with a bad bad news, that the wild boars are feasting on the maize plant that they had been taken care and nurtured for last nine months.

Blessed rainy day is celebrated on 23rd. indeed it’s celebrated in most festive mood in rural pockets. And he had to sacrifice the widely celebrated Thrue-Bab.  He made his way. He won the battle and proceeded to Phuntsholing.

Now because of this incessant rain, the high way is blocked. Stranded somewhere at Gedu area since yesterday noon, he is helpless. He can neither proceed further nor he can return back. 24 hours he spent his sleepless night in the bus wishing something good could happen. Wishing the high way would be clear. Wishing this rain could stop. May be he is sitting in the bus with empty stomach this very time.

I am more remorse and my night today was engulfed with regret. In first place I should not have send him whatever his reason be. I only knew how immature son I am; I didn’t prepare him anything for such thing. I could have at least packed him warm meals so that he won’t starve.
I never knew such thing would happen. Hope the highway will be clear by today. Thousands are stranded there along with him. My heart is for all. Waiting is patience. You will get through in a while to join your loved ones for the big day tomorrow-THE BLESSED RAINY DAY.


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