Tuesday, January 22, 2013

reaching the unreachable

It was exactly one hour for midday noon…
Desperately I wanted to call;
Picked up the phone from my drawer,
Hopes sparking, Heart beats, mood excited, gonna call ya
My finger fumbled for call button,
With dazzling heart, smiling face..
Network failed! Ooops unexpected...
 My heart broke and hopes wilted
A missed call flashed with chime,
 Oh dear I am trying, wait for a moment
Pressed the call button again..
“Subscriber not reachable” oh dear I hate to hear
More desperate I became.
Press harder this time: the call button…
Same fate... beacon with red lines “Call not allowed”
I dialed again…
Lucky me, it rang…. but to disconnect
Frustration reined me, oh Sorry not on you,
But on network you know that.
I tried again, with little hope
There it rang.. “Hello my dear!”
So lovely, so sweet, so soothing,
Tur tur not again, damn disconnected!
I threw myself on bed, dejected!
Woke up from nap beaming, crap I cried…
Sorry I kept you waiting, I didn’t mean that
I dialed again... With heavy heart
 “You are my pumpkin pumpkin hello hunny bunn…..”...it rang
“I love you” I said. “I know” answered from other end.
Disconnected again
The frenzy of these three words found solace in me.
I knew, only for these three words I was trying.
I fought the last losing battle….
Network took the trophy at the end…
Nothing infuriates me more than this network
Now I will not try any more, at least for today.
Its 2PM, I need to meet my Project Guide.

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