Thursday, February 28, 2013

where is that tomorrow?

Examination days are the toughest of all times, it literally drain out all energies and mentally one become exhausted. Integration after differentiation, solving wave equation of antenna that does not make any sense (at least to me) taking decisions after the equation is balanced, burning midnight oils, simplifying the class notes and synchronizing the time, that’s good deal of managing things at adhoc! What a tough time.

 I always want to be free from examinations. I dreamt of watching movies, I wanted to go online and wanted to chat with string of my friends old and new, near and far. I dreamt of writing many articles in my blog. I dreamt of using my time more fruitful way rather than mugging up line after line just vomit in next exam and erased it off forever.

It has been almost five days since the exams are over. I have all my freedom and time for little dreams I have had in toughest of my days. Here I am! helpless, making another dream. I am bored now. It’s more boring than those tough days. I was at least kept occupied with those exams and now I don’t have anything to do. The dreams of blogging dissolved when the feelings that I had bottled up inside won’t budge; Poor collection of vocabulary of mine won’t have enough adjective even to describe everyday happenings. The taste in watching movies are parting away from me, erratic net connection takes my freedom of interacting with friends in facebook circle. What’s next now? i shall blog tomorrow. i shall improve my writing, i wont waste my precious time, i shall divide my time tomorrow........... 

I see things upon things, a promised on promise. I shall start tomorrow became only savoir of my regrets and that tomorrow is far beyond reach. where is that tomorrow?

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