Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I bade adieu to NIT Nilchar on 9th of December just to waste all time because of Strike in Assam for three consecutive days. Had not been a special arranged escorts it could have taken for weeks.

Travelling behind the DCM truck, in foggy freezing winter along the Assam high way is terrible: the coldness, plumage of dust that throws at your face by each vehicle that crosses over and the jagged bumpy seats.  On other hand it’s also exhilarating; one can have crystal clear views of Indian plains, the life styles, the developments and the diverse cultures. Ones mood swings between despair and elation.   
crammed among goods like goods

We didn’t had any other options other than to adjust over selves among the heavily loaded (equipments of Bhutan Power Corporation) at the back of DCM trucks since it was special arranged escort on the request of students and college goers. . It reminded me of Darwins theory of “survival to the fittest”

How long this gonna continue? 

 Jomotshangkha had been cut off from rest of the countries for centuries and still the same. There is nothing called town planning, not even a proper hotels and bus services. There is nothing new and its same Diafam that it was there decades ago and only change is in its name.
The worst is the frequent abominable strikes organized in Assam, which is nuisance to many travelers along borders. People are stranded with no options and no money but to blame Indian counterparts, for organizing the strikes and thwarting their journeys.   Exasperated man of early forties who was leaning against the wall of Samdzong main gate in an agony said in the accent of Pema Gatshel “f**king Indians” while other wanted to burn all the homes of Assam. 
To my poor judgments they were wrong for disparaging remarks, and I felt sorry for them. What can we do? It’s their land and they have every right for the strikes.

The fault is in us, we need to have our own road ways connecting various places especially in southern foothills. We talk and preach about self-reliant but when will this achieve, when we depends on India so much so starting from the road network.
We are hopeful that sooner or later Jomotshangkha to Marsthalla road construction will be over. Hope it won’t take that long like Gaylongar- Minjiwoong fram road.   

We need to roll up our sleeves and make changes.

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