Sunday, December 9, 2012


Tickets to Gauhati were booked a month ago and now my bags are packed. I am set go. Go to the safe warmer and cozy home. I am set to go to home sweet home from every day dorm life, and of course from Indian plains to hilly rugged mountains of the east.   

The sleepless enervating gruesome exam nights are over, instead the last exam for seventh semester fade me good bye and I am waving good bye to NIT silchar but not for that long.

Feels like after centuries I am heading to home, although I had been there 365 days ago by this month, and to tell you what it feels like is there are lots of butterflies in my heart dancing profoundly.

 I am going to see the change, I was already told that the wireless naked electric poles are standing, and the snail pace road construction made cut through Minjiwoong, living standard elevated higher than expected and many other accelerating developments in Shingkhar lauri.

I am heading to the place where I can breathe fresh airs from the clear crisp atmosphere.  Eat the healthy, natural chemical less nutrient food and to drink fresh water directly from the source. . I am going to chill my bone and soul in the icy morning at home not with speeding fans out here.  

 Most of all, I will be witnessing with the horde of relatives the magnificent heart chilling Zangthi Cham this very month. I shall hear from the people talking about the upcoming elections, the idea of democratic setting and the developmental activities.

I was planning to take the Laptop at home but I am worried how I am going feed this power hungry device.  Hope solar power fill my need.

I shall let off the internet stuff, the regular movies and social networking over my chest. (Might miss a little though).

May be and for sure this will be my last trip to home in my college days and now I going to witness many exhilarating things that are in process of transformation in far flung village of Shingkhar Lauri.
I shall come back as a man full of memories. 
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