Saturday, November 17, 2012

Alumni Meet 2013, NIT Silchar

CET hall
Amidst the busy schedule of attending classes, listening to lectures, preparing string of notes from the stacks of Engineering textbooks, there the month of November came. A month I shall cherish for my rest of my life. November month will be one month that with be engraved in my heart for the happy days of my college days.
In bygone year’s we had a grand celebration titled “Foreign students get together” in collaboration with ICCR scholarship students. It was unique day for the Bhutanese students, because the same day was the birth anniversary of our fourth monarch Jigme Singye Wangchuk, also celebrated as a constitution day for the people of Bhutan.  This year it was cancelled as the ICCR Officer in Gauhati is being transferred. This was only day that we used to wear the national dress in college. I tell to what feel like to wear a national dress in other country “PROUD”. The uniqueness of the dress and symbol of peaceful nation adds more flavor to be proud. I wish I could wear every day in college.
But the story didn’t end here. Right after the competitive Technosis festival the Alumni Meet for the Year 2012 took over the stage. The grand day for the rejuvenated alumni of NIT silchar who came to visit the long left place. 
 Of all the cultural festival, be it incand(annual cultural festival ) or Alumni meet or any other functions, I was always mesmerized by the Bihu  Dance( a folk dance of Assam ), in the traditional fantastic dress of Assam, a scarf tight on fore head, a length of ropes around waist with yellow shirts. I always like the rhythm of flute that breaks the silence of crowd and the vibrating drum beats that moves with the heart.
The night was marvelous, with variety of shows, drama, songs, dances, the few words from the alumni of their stay in college when they were young like us and the Photo exhibition titled “journey of REC to NIT” was dazzling all over the staircase. Other reason that made the night special was the Kinley, Samten, Sangay and group performed the Bhutanese dance. It was heart breaking impressive dance that I have ever saw.
By the huge thundering applause, the whistle that echoed back from the ceiling and the whispers among the crammed audience, I could say that the fellow Indian friends were envy of our glamorous dress and thrilling dance.  
Apprehensive feelings stuck my mind, towards the end of show. The four year of college life is at the verge of completion. There will be neither foreign students get together nor this very evening of Alumni meet. The time is fleeting like a shooting stars, four year of college life is just like a fraction of second.  And the night brings me a serious thought of life, Someday not too far I will also be alumni of NIT Silchar, but there stands lots of challenges and lots opportunity to grasp upon.
 Next November where will I be? How long will it take to see next November……..
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