Thursday, March 6, 2014

Khuru and Women

Women’s roles are not any more in four corners of the kitchen. They have scaled higher than most men do, be it in the field of science or in the world of sports. Recently I had been to Orong under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag on leave and to my surprise I had an opportunity to watch the game of Khuru. traditionally it was men's game but every dog has its own day, now women makes a brave move too. 
Aiming for the Bulls eye

It’s amazing to see people do change. Traditionally women's are made for home maker and men for bread earner, but the modern time has it reversed, there are few cases where women earns for living and men makes home. We can also see how women fare well in our country; we have academic toppers, and can also spot few in parliament and high ranking bureaucratic levels.
And there was Karey 
 I have heard and read a lot about hot topics of 'women playing Khuru' in kuensel forums and in blogs but I have never seen one. There were hard criticism and also words of appreciation. They are playing well so as to show that they can do what men can do in modern times. I particularly appreciated  their move.
With all her strength

The range of target they have placed was much much shorter than what the men play as a traditional game, and the odd feeling that I got was while this women dance on hitting the target.

I watched the whole game just wondering the change we can see.  
And the final score at the end of game....
Any way whats the big deal? ten years ago nobody thought of women driving Taxi, but today we have plenty. its just matter of time and they will do whatever to say we can do what you men can do. 
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