Thursday, March 28, 2013


the war of color begins....
The spectrum of rainbow that takes the breath away, the endless span of ocean, bees in festive mood in blooming spring flowers, and exhilarating vast green pastures in the high land, autumn sun set in the west and fresh winter morning dews. How stunning the nature h 
ave stored in for us… It’s nothing but a mere combinations of colors that make the world so beautiful and enriching.
9:45 am before the rotten egg busted on my head
Dingdong the bell rang, it was a HOLI holiday. It was on Thursday March 27, 2013.  It is celebrated as an accomplishment of good over bad. It’s a festival of colors. It is all about colors.  It’s celebrated mostly in north India. And for NIT Silchar,it was a long awaited day.
my shirt, gone forever
I was made a canvas for novice painter and worst artist. Yellow, red, blue pink arbitrary every part of my body. My shirt was torn in pieces. Oh loved that shirt but now it’s gone, sad indeed. The worst part was when one of the junior broke the rotten egg on my head. Argaach it stinks, my hairs gone. Whole surrounding stinks. 
literally a pig......
 Next moment I became a buffalo. Literally like a buffalo who manage got into muddy swamp to escape from summer heat. All wet, covered with mud’s and dirty water. The crowd cheering. Damn I was totally exhausted.

my holy friends

That was a day. It was a HOLI. My last Holi in india. 
HOLI holy bath....
 i shall cherish this days.... HOLI day. the festival of colors, forever

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