Friday, August 8, 2014


Dear lahiru,

I hope this letter finds you best in your health as before. I am hoping that you are happy with your jobs and placement. I am also hoping that your parents and families are doing well.  

Here in Bhutan, I have never been better than these days. Paro valley where I work is as beauty as it is. It‘s apple season here, and the trees are laden with huge golden apples and the branches have tough time holding those and are touching the ground.  Along the beautiful meandering river called PaChu, The paddy fields have never been this greener. The atmosphere is also so comforting with little winds from Bay of Bengal in evening rushing towards north. I have started to play ‘Play station’ during day and late night we never miss to play cards for fun. By the way don’t worry the bets are low haha. Often times we used to drink the beer “Druk 11000” that same beer that we drank in hostel 7 room number 7069 with Tempa.

I was so excited that I finally got to see your gift. It’s beautiful. It took long though to reach here in Bhutan, one semester in college and almost three month vacation in Thimphu. Your gift to me had a nice vacation visiting place to place from hand to hand and finally it’s here in my home. I will hang high on the wall facing the door. So that every time I enter the room I will make sure that I see your little gift and keep myself reminded that in the journey of my life I had a great friend & caring brother like you.

My friend, I talked to some official of your plan to visit Bhutan.  They say it will be possible, if I have supporting documents of our friendship. I will have to provide something of our togetherness in college. We will work out for your visit later.

I will be visiting Srilanka one fine day. I will meet your parents, Sanka and relatives of yours. Tell your mom that if I ever come I will have dozens and dozens of tuna fish every meal.
Till then take care be safe. Life is short so enjoy to the fullest while you can.
Your friend
Namgang Chejey
Paro, Bhutan.

PS: print this page and show it to your parents …..
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