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Indispensable friends of mine

With enduring hard work and dedication at Baylling Higher Secondary School, I managed the get the train ticket to India. I boarded the train somewhere in September 2009. Since then in every station people of all walks of lives boarded the train from many stations, we exchange smiles as one gets in the compartment, we begins with HI and HELLO and they got down bidding us goodbye and never to see again.


 As I entered the compartment with pounding heart, I was introduced first to a friend from Srilanka. He had long and neatly combed hair with congenial personality wearing a striped white and red shirt. I got to knew that he was LPG oh no, not Liquefied Petroleum Gas but Lahiru Prasad Gunathunga.
our Commando.... Bijoy: IBM
Debang a lady killer some say: IBM

 We shared the same compartment all four years long. In the course of our journey we met many other peoples too. Next to our compartment was a man who was passionate on music and learning flute. He was our commando, oh shit sorry he was Bijoy an avid football fan. At one point of time Debang had updated in his facebook wall “that irritating flute of ground floor” I laughed my lungs out not because of the commando’s every day  irritating flute but simply I didn’t expect Debang to say something of this kind. Debang remained silent in many cases as he was busy with painting and writing in his own world

Undo cut copy paste: IBM
  There was civil friend crazy about programming stuff. I felt that he had land up in wrong course but he was happy that he was place in IT Company IBM. Once I was limping around the compartments and my eyes caught him through his half open dusty door. I intrude inside. “Four hours only two pages kela” he shouted with scowling face. He was preparing for the management exam for final semester. “Slow and steady win the race” I comforted him. “Fuck you! Slow and steady I got 8.5 in midsem!” he reacted back.  I wish you could have seen his face that moment. Opps I giggled and left the room. Oh sorry I didn’t mention his name he was UNDO from Andaman Island.

That's Sanat: placed at WEBFLUEZ
Next to his compartment was most industrious, physically serious but really kind in heart ever ready to help was Sanat Kr. Ray. Company like IBM and Sankalp didn’t saw his potential, though he was best theoretically and practically. To be precise you taught me more than many professor’s of this college. Thank you Sanat, you are one reason that I fulfilled my dreams. When I first saw you I told myself that in my entire journey I could never be able to talk to you, what a tough looking guy huh. You are my guruji Sanat.

Bipul Kr Nath: Capgimeni
Chandan Kumar: IBM


There was another two best friends, just opposite to each other. Opposite! no not in terms of ideology and intelligence, both were very brilliant and got placed in respectable jobs, Bipul Kr. Nath was saver of Hostel mess and the tallest of all maybe in whole train and other was his best friend Chandan. Chandan could be next Einstein or Thomas Edison who is going to join IBM sooner or later. He  was also leading fellow in the battle of AOE games next to Martanda. 
That menacing monkey of ground floor: Marty- IBM
Oh shit I almost forget about Martanda the king of AOE and many computer games. Besides Naruto and computer games he doesn’t have anything to do, so he excels to become nemesis of AOE.  He was most disturbing person in whole compartment and funny too. He would cover up his syllabus, and then he would run door to door like a menacing monkey with same mantra “Bhutanii kimaan poriba?” and then same to Bijoy his favorite prey and then “Sanat ki maan po ra” almost every day.  At some point with frustration someone had even put up a banner saying “MARTY GO BACK”.

luckiest friend who have two Dream job...... Sangeet
When somebody had no destination to go, he had two illustrious jobs both with handsome pay. A dream job to make the choice from and that lucky fellow was Sanget Agrawal who will be working in Italy.
Parash the musician: IBM
 I also met another lovable friend who spends all most all time in calls and sms. He was passionate and good musician too. He had the ability to study as well as attend calls at same time. He would teach mathematics wholly through phone to his darling Majani. He was Parash Jyoti Nath Hazarika who hardly attends any lecture class. 

Mon the sexiest: two placement IBM and KMB
Safi Alam best cook?...
Monzurul, many might call him Mon-Betiii or others teases him for he was considered a sexiest guy, was an ardent believer of his religion. So was Safi Alam from Manipuri. They would miss the meals but not their prayers. Safi would trust me as a most hard working man on earth. My seat would reserve next to him in every class test. Safi too was a nocturnal active at night and sleeps all day long. This gentleman taught me the value of friendship.
This photo doesn't look like a zombie but a smart Harun
Many people refer to him as Zombie, but I call him by his name Harun, smiling and cheerful person. He walks like a Zombie though.

Bharat the body builder
The body builder and time bounded machine, neither late nor fast is a Bharat. Early to bed early to rise was his motto. If there was one person who wanted to take roti’s instead of rice he would be the first person to jump even in the deepest well.

 My favorite was Vinay Podugu from Andra Pradesh. He was my favorite because he doesn’t liked to be called as GULTI and I regularly call him as GULTI. It was so sad that got down from the train a week ago. He was a real GULTI who had power break my ventilation glass into zillion pieces. Hope you will be renowned IITians someday.

I wish every single friends of mine best of luck in your future career. Thanks for everything!! With your friendships and care that you all rendered the beauty of my college life got magnified manifold.

To Lahiru:
We came together as a stranger but by chance and by the tag of foreign students we became friends. And we were best of best friend now. I cannot even imagine today how my life in NIT Silchar would have been if not for you. Down the memory lane of my disc the beautiful contents of your presence shall stay engrave forever.
You were one and only one who really understands me and took care of me. When I was in dire need, you came to help with open arms ready to do anything.  When I was in despair, you were there to console me.  When I made mistakes, you were always there to correct me. You never let me walk alone, not even to the crowded mess during lunch time. You filled that void of my heart of homesickness.  When I achieve something with broad smile you congratulate me and when I failed and lied down dejected, you came over my bed to rescue me with soothing & inspiring words. When I had zillions of problems and you would help me part by part till it saw the end. When I was on mad rat race you pat my back and told me calm down Namgang!  When I was hungry, you took me to BBL or even to Triptee and Nahas. You are the one, who wished me good luck at the entrance of exam hall, and I came out with satisfying results at the end. When I was heading to wrong path, you pulled me hard to bring back into right track. you are my friend Lahiru.

You remember my mom remember you as LA-HA-RI-KU not as Lahiru.

Didn’t I told you neat comb hair in beginning, hah I pray that you be in better health and hope you regains your hair soon after going back home. All the best my dear Lahiru, I love you and Thank you again.
I know I am not perfect, and i might have hurt you all, directly or indirectly, so I take this opportunity to say sorry if I have hurt you, please forgive me.

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