Saturday, April 6, 2013


I was lost with the thrilling words of Patrick Jane (Simon Bakar) who was playing a role as consultant in California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) an American police procedural television series THE MENTALIST. 

My room burst out with the nokia ringtone. The image of Sonam Dorji with his number flashed out on my mobile screen. I hit the space bar and received his call. He wanted me to do some programming stuff for his friend. I never was better in this so called programming and my craven instinct hinted me to say no at that instant, but he was persuasive. His tone seems so genuine. “Auufff I forgot both matlab and C programming” I reacted. I was so embarrassed. I knew that he noticed, but I tend to be normal saying sorry.  He broke out with a huge laughter, at that very instant I felt that tones of weight had been removed from my chest but I was more embarrassed this time. He is laughing at my incompetency? “Come on Sonam every one forgets” was what I was about to shout at, enshrouding my incapability. But before that he said we are organizing a farewell party for three of you. I was excited and relieved too. He wanted us to be ready by 11 am on April 6, 2013.

It was only on this day, it triggers my mind and reminded me, of the time for good bye. It brought me a sigh of joy and sadness too. Joy because it’s time to close another chapter of life with coming convocation (long awaited dream indeed!) and enter to another stage of life, and sad because I have to part with my indispensable wonderful friends and Alma mater which has moulded and shaped my life at the impressionable stage of my life.

Four long years had gone with the blink of eye. How short is our life? I can’t believe that I will be leaving this place. Somewhere in corner of my heart it still whispers that I had been here only yesterday. But that yesterday counts to eight semester of six month each. I wish I could stop the striking time, but the cruel hand of clock won’t dare to do it.  

To my juniors, we don’t have better adjective that we can think of at this time other than Thank you. Thank you so much for whatever you have done. We were so proud to have you all. Thanks for your presents and gifts. It was staggering. It was heartbreaking. It was so wonderful.

 To Vanathy and Vibu you were always there for us. Your presence added extra flavor yesterday. I for one was so happy that you were present there. We are from different regions and came at different times but our fate forge the way to this close and we shall never forget for your kindness.

The journey of life changes with sharp turn ahead, but your names are engraved in our heart, and we shall treasure it forever. 

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