Thursday, November 15, 2012


It s a week now!
Its 10th of November, and this marked week since you waved me good bye.
My hearts empty now, there is a hole in it. The striking of each beat on myocardium hurts me more. I want you to fill that emptiness. But you are far away to fill that. Thanks for calls with soothing tones and loads of lovely words that give me more strength to move on.
Life is full of stories, good and bad, broken and joys, love lost and found, some exhilarating while others with bleeding heart and tempered souls. Our togetherness is now a story, a joyous history that is craved in souls. And those little words you whisper a week ago is now a not more than a dream I had an hour ago. It’s nothing but a reminiscence of our togetherness and that shall cherish forever and ever.
You were near to me every second; we walked together hand in hand to your office, back to home and to little shops. Remember our journey to Tshechu taking thousands of photos, along the pathway and among the crowd. What did Yangki’s friend told her,” a perfectly matched couple!”(We are dear perfectly matched!).
 We watched “Shashank Redemption”, sharing little wooden chair. You were glancing at me more than to Morgan Freeman, oh how silly you were.
I teased to, you smiled and pinched me hard, I pinched you back and you kissed me and laughed hysterically. Oh I can that hear that heavy breath with your little eyes, starring as if I were woken up from dead.
 I know we only meet to depart, and that’s what our life is defined. We can’t do anything other than to accept it in pain. I saw your eyes glisten with tears. You knew that next day I will be gone and we will be alone in our own world. I was helpless and I couldn’t say a word other than to wipe off your tears. You told me to come back soon and I promised I will and here I started counting the days.  
There are sketches of you in every corner of my brain and I can’t help missing you dear. 

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