Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Take your time boy, why worry. Attendance shortage! No chance. Someone will give Proxy.

 Proxy at least in my college refers to attendance for absentees by the one who are present, with cryptic crook letters on the attendance sheet or even with the technique of voice modulation if the names are being called. However it’s dominant in former case and few in later case too.
The idea of pervasive proxy was too abstruse and I was rather bemused with barrage of questions that still haunted me even today, that why in first place it exist and really made me sick in my entire college days. Why the brightest going to be engineers not serious about their class lectures.  Why?

Such illness had claimed the life of our dear friend, in fourth semester, a bright  ECE topper who in an abject  state felt it’s better to jump off the building and die then to have attendance back with F grade in yellow grade cards. If the rules were bit strict, if not for proxies, such incidents would never have happened. And when we realized it was too late. With days he was forgotten. Ultimately it’s a great loss to a bereaved families and great loss to the nation.

One time I was in Bio-medical Instrumentation class, an elective subject for the Electronics and communication Engineering students of final year. The class strength was 50, yet the lecturer was taking class for eight students. When they (lecturers) put lots of effort, why can’t we attend the class and grasp the information, enlarge knowledge’s and improve and expand ourselves as day’s rolls on.  The same stories go on every day in almost all classes. Number of proxies would cross the total strength of the class.  For one person, two to three attendances were given by his two or three friends.
 Sense of friendship is there. Yet, in the name of friendship, one takes others life for granted. This proxy gives the confidences in absentees. They can learn at home themselves, but isn't this thing an illness for the institution of National importance. Is the education all about the rat race of acquiring more marks and nothing more?
The so called brainy guys, the best of Indian, came up from stiff cut throat competitions, enrolled in an institute of national importance, has  backlog histories and some even year back(it’s very few  but still its prevalent).  There may be thousands of reasons but I personally feel this is one problem to be blamed.

 I am not jealous of the so called proxies and their care for friends and saving from attendance back, but I am bit concerned about the effect for those who looks out for the irresistible proxy every day. Of course the brighter people will get through even with all proxies but the below average students following such erratic practices subsequently will end up in catastrophic and devastated situation at the end of the day.
After all, we are in college, we are the one to judge and it’s up to the each individual to be circumspect and see what right and what’s not.

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