Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A window to outside world

I woke up to find something strange, I told myself ”everything is going to be okay, that’s just for a moment”. Now needless to say that “just for moment” is going on forever. There is no sign of any improvement.
I believe that it’s profoundly important that I need to take precaution to alleviate this problem. But I for one who’s CPI depend absolutely on hard work and little on talents and intelligence cannot free my eyes for its precautions, at this threshold stage of life where it’s time to tarnish what you have already learned and prepare to answer awakening calls of long dreamed RCSC examinations and future life.
The apprehensive feelings however subside when Ophthalmologist suggested me to wear spectacles and the words “it’s natural”. The root cause and its chances to revive back to normal still remain vague.
Now another questions that stuck me time and again is why all of sudden. Computer screen cannot be blamed, for I am not a counter strike addict nor have I completed watching movie series as many do. The variety of green leafy vitamin rich vegetable available in market but never in mess menu in hostels should be one. But for this there is no solution. Or is there unseen spirits involved?  Now the big question that life throws upon me is “is this the fate that I need to accept it”.
My parents broke into tears, on hearing such startling news and Yeshi won’t believe me. Mama told me if the cause was books; “reduce your study hour you won’t starve”. I am not going to do that. Instead I shall adhere to my promise that I won’t shatter your dreams mama.

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