Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer intern

With the thirst of learning something the summer of 2011 brought me to Thimphu hoping to do an internship. My choice Vacillated between two companies, Tashi cell or Bhutan Telecom.
 My dreams were shattered when the HR officier in Tashi Cell shook his head saying "sorry, we dont give internship for those students who are studying outside". I thanked him after he elucidates his point of not taking me in as intern and i left  the chamber in despair.
But BHUTAN TELECOM LTD gave me a reason to smile when  Managing Director of Bhutan telecom accepted my request although it was marked and stamped "HE IS NOT ENTITLED TO STIPEND".
 I was given a chair in NMSC.
It was exhilarating to be in the future company at same time thousands of thoughts and queries crossed my mind about what should i do since i hardly had a basics of communications by then. The days passed by...
the generous staff of NOC, Bhutan telecom helped me from the scratch of communication: sampling to transmission, time slot to E1. E1 to STM-16, control center and switches...
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