Monday, September 10, 2012


In one of the morning assembly speech, some seven years back at Nganglam Middle Secondary school, our principal, by then Mr. Phunstho boosted my mind with refreshing line “if you qualify from class ten then 50% of your life is made. And if you do well in class twelve your life is made perfectly”. With indispensable faith and hard work, I could do well, much better than what I thought.  And with sparking hopes and continued perseverance I waited two years to see if I could make my life. The dream came true.  I got the government scholarship. But something still remains in vague, the later part “perfectly” despite my lively results.
May be he was right in those times or maybe he is  still right for other courses but definitely not for the Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates.. Even at the verge of my graduation I am not confident where I shall be. It is really apprehensive to see job vacancies announced in BCSE 2012, 24 graduates are vying for a single slot in electronics and communication engineering groups. Now who is going to be that lucky number one grasp it? That’s not the question to be asked, the question is where will rest go? Bhutan Telecom, DGPC, Tashicell… may give them little hope but still at the end of the day many would left out  in devastated  due to mismatch with what they do and what they are supposed to do. 

Studying the subjects that has little or no prospects in future is really an intimidating and sometimes it’s discouraging too. Sometimes I stand in front of mirror and ask myself why I took the course. And every time I posed the questions, the mirror gives me the answer, “you took it because you are the one to find the way”. Now I take it as challenge, but it’s still there is no promising future.
At home parents are impatiently waiting for the graduation day with great anticipation. They have a hope and aspect in some corner of their heart that sooner or later I would make them proud. In reality as the days rolls closer to job market it worries me a lot. Sometimes I wish my old friends saying oh boy you got the Government scholarship your job is secured be true. But there is denying facts that it’s just a antithesis about what my old friends says.
To the outside world including India, the demand for the graduate in this field is increasing exponentially, but in Bhutan needless to say it’s just the other way round. I may sound little chauvinistic in this statement but the fact is fact. 
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